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AROMA APRIL: #Fragrance - Fine French Natural Perfume From Honore des Pres

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If you love all things French like all of us here at CONTENT HQ, then luxury natural perfume brand Honore Des Pres - the first line of French, organic perfumes - hit the spot for Aroma April.

Capturing the ‘joie de vivre’ of life’s memorable moments whilst adding that perfect finishing touch of understated French chic to your daily demeanour – crafting contemporary, haute organic fragrances for the modern urban woman, Honore Des Pres was created for those seeking a scent whose roots lie deep within natures core.

The brainchild of legendary perfumer Olivia Giacobetti, the nose and fragrance composer behind some of the most admired contemporary fragrance houses in the world – all Honore Des Pres products are 100% natural and EcoCert certified organic, contributing to their firm embedment in all things natural and beautiful – think fresh coconuts, spring garden basking and summer holidays by the beach.

Below we have rounded up a selection of our favourites set to inject some elegant and seductive French natural perfume into your daily routine:

For a refreshing swim in a natural rock pool try… Nu Green

The ultimate in Parisian luxury and a fragrance for the lover of purity in all of usNu Green captures the effervescence of mint, tarragon and green herbs in a base of botanical musk and cedar wood.

To be immersed in the heart of the Rainforest try… Chamans Party

Inspired by a tree-house experience in a vibrant rainforest – Chamans Party evokes notes of vetiver from Haiti, crowned basil from Egypt and dried flowers of clove from Madagascar. Harmonising and invigorating, this purifying scent allows all who inhale its woody aroma to breathe in the earths strength.

For a sweet taste of a colourful citrusy cocktail try…  Honore's Trip

Capturing the joy and laughter evoked by pure mandarins, lemon, Floridian oranges and Moroccan mandarins together with a hint of pepper taken from the trees of the Philippines – Honores Trip is a vibrant bouquet of colourful tones inspired by Summer cocktails in the sun.

To win over your Prince Charming try… Sexy Angelic

Inspired by the deliciously sweet experience of French Marzipan, Sexy Angelic features notes of almond, kukuta blossom and Angelica seed to evoke the pure secret of seduction used by French women to meet their Prince Charming!