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Our star find for organic skincare last year was the unisex brand Absolution Skincare from France. Not only did they win the jury prize at Beyond Beauty in September 2009, but they also started 2010 with the Wallpaper Magazine Award for Best Defence. We've loved this natural and organic skincare brand since it launched last year - here's why.

The Brand: 'Absolution skincare offers a new approach to beauty: a smaller range of products, more simplicity, highly organic skincare that can be customised  to suit the different moods of your skin. Each day as it comes...'

What's in it: Certified by Ecocert this range averages 60% organic content and avoids parabens, pegs,  genetically modified ingredients (amoung a host of other ingredients) and is pthalate free. Natural content is above 99.2% throughout the range. The remainder is a synthetic preservative allowed under certification called dehydroacetic acid (rated a 1 on a scale of 0-10 - 10 corresponding to highest concern - on EWG). No synthetic colouring or perfume are used and products are not tested on animals. The range is also suitable for vegans.

We Love: The boosters allowing us to tailor our skincare for the weather, travel, our sometimes dietary neglect, stress and all manner of factors that influence our skin. Currently we are adding the La Controle Solution to our day cream to help control combination skin brought on by too many, many days indoors with the central heating. Then at night (as we are age appropriate...) we are adding the La Solution Anti-Ageing to the night cream. Perfecto!

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Surprise Product: with this range was the cleanser. Normally I go for a cleansing balm like the Saaf  Skincare Pure Face Cleanser or Nude Skincare Cleansing Facial Oil but this cleansing water was a real treat. I must admit I was a non-believer but this simple, non-irritating water removes make-up, yes even mascara (although I admit I use an water resistant rather than waterproof mascara - of course) and leaves skin feeling clean, fresh and not a bit dry as I would have imagined it might. I put this down to the hazelnut oil, rich in phospholipids which help soften the skin.

[caption id="attachment_513" align="aligncenter" width="283" caption="Absolution Cleanser"]Absolution Cleanser[/caption]

Special Mention: The packaging of course. Cleverly designed the tubes are held in a card strip which is wrapped around each product and unrolls to reveal all the neccessary ingredients and product instructions. Best of all each product has a different design graphic. Genius!

[caption id="attachment_510" align="aligncenter" width="463" caption="Absolution Skincare Range"]Absolution Skincare Range[/caption]
Absolution Skincare has been featured online at British Beauty Blogger, Because Magazine, So Feminine, AnotherSomething.
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