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BEAUTY LAUNCH: Floral or Citrus? The choice is all natural.

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We must admit finding natural perfumes was the hardest challenge we faced when sourcing for CONTENT BEAUTY/WELLBEING. Too often we found scents we liked, but the overall product made it frankly, undesirable.

Going natural and organic shouldn't have to be a sacrifice in glamour or luxury. Perfume should never be mistaken for room spray nor look like something bottled in a kitchen! Any natural perfume we use needs to carry it's own against the big brands. It should be something your friends covet, and your colleagues love you for, when your scent brightens the office.

It was the bottles that first caught our eye.....

Ok, we've admitted it, shallow as it may sound, but what can we say.......the colours, the shape, the flowers, the little roller top (oh sooo convenient), the little box they came in.

Then there was the set of 4. We could choose the one to match our mood and believe me, we have many moods that need to be catered for. Tsi-La had a perfume to fit them all.

We then tried layering and blending them, to create our own intoxicating combinations. It gave us a chance to hone our perfumery skills - we all secretly like to think we have a nose for such things.

What we didn't anticipate though, was the joy we would glean from selling them. The journey from customer to wearer is a personal one. All 6 scents have dedicated followers. It's impossible to predict which will be the one for you. Scents appeal and intrigue for different reasons. It may ignite a distant memory, almost forgotten, or remind us of our favourite flower or spice. Some of us instantly identify with the citrus notes, for others it will be the florals.

They continue to surprise - hidden notes develop as time passes. What may start as a light floral, warms with your skin to reveal smoky woods and mellow undertones. A blossom is infused with vanilla, a citrus with nutmeg....this is what perfume should be, a memory (new or old) recalled with the guiding hand of nature.

The history of perfume is steeped in nature. Yet the majority of the today's market is filled with celebrity endorsed, synthetic imitations. How and why we can only speculate.....

Thankfully, TSI-LA got the whole package right. Naturally, we love them for it!

Floral or Citrus?