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CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN: Stocking Fillers Gift Guide

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stocking fillers

You know what they say - sometimes, the best things come in small packages. When it comes to these little stocking filler wonders we have selected for you, we have to agree! Have a look at our website for more ideas or read more for our top picks!

COSMETIC CANDY: The KURE BAZAAR Nail Lacquer in Glam looks good enough to eat! Not only does it paint nails pretty in an oh-so-fashionable bright pink hue, but it’s good for the environment too with a formula that is 85% of natural origin, resistant and quick-dry. What more could you ask for? Maybe a great lip-gloss pairing?

In that case, we recommend the INTELLIGENT NUTRIENTS Lip Delivery Antioxidant Gloss in Cranberry, part of the next generation of smart glosses. This organic and gluten-free gloss feeds lips with power-packed antioxtidants and nutrients, which aid in fighting premature ageing, while delivering moisture and shine. With its organic cranberry content, it coats lips in a delicious flavour too!

BATHING BEAUTIES: With its sophisticated and calming scent of Jasmine, French lavender and Brazilian Rosewood, the NEOM Real Luxury Travel Candle is instantly inebriating and stimulating.  It has an all-natural vegetable wax formula and lasting power of 20 hours, making it the ideal backdrop to a social evening or me-time session.

Meanwhile, the adorable GREEN & SPRING Christmas Cracker is a pamper-time favourite. The homegrown range comprises of revitalising mini body wash, lotion and bath foam, inspired by aromatic kitchen herbs.

When it comes to bath time, we love the PAGE THIRTY THREE Bath Brew: a clever giant tea bag containing a blend of natural and organic ingredients for a luxurious and relaxing bath soak. The bath brew stimulates all senses thanks to a mixture of lavender milk bath, goats milk, Epsom salts and cacao butter.

Thanks to these, a quiet night in will never be the same again.

NON-BELIEVERS: We know, not everyone “gets” the whole organic and holistic thing. We’re sure you’ve been there! If you’re tired of having to explain to your boyfriend how aromatherapy works and why you spend so much money on “bloody candles”, we suggest you strategically place PAGE THIRTY THREE Pack of Essential Oils in his stocking. This set contains the heavenly smelling Upper, Downer and Centre oils, which rebalance emotional needs accordingly.

As for the skeptic girlfriend, let the HURRAW Balm Lip Balm Gift Set work its charms. The all natural, vegan formula contains organic, raw, cold pressed and centrifuged oils and butters, processed below 118F degrees. The result is nutrient, super smooth and long lasting. You can pick with three different flavour combinations in sets of three.

For an education on toxic chemicals used in every day products - from mascara to shampoo- and the health hazard they pose, make sure you hand her a copy of No More Dirty Looks. Partly a shocking inquest into the widely self-regulated cosmetics industry, partly little black book of insider secrets and tips on ‘clean’ beauty, this will make her think twice before purchasing the latest ‘it’ product.

You can thank us later.

WELLBEING WARRIORS: Segueing from lip glosses, the HURRAW Vata Dosha Lip Balm is our pick for the holistic connoisseurs! The whole Ayurvedic Dosha range is masterminded by an Ayurvedic practitioner who spent two years perfecting his formula and uses cold pressed oil infused with plants, fruits and roots to complement each Dosha. The Vata Lip Balm is an infusion of the ashwanganda root, which complements the wind and space elements. In turn, these command inution, creativity, imagination and spontaineity. Clearly, not your average lip balm.

Meanwhile, the Wellbeing Guide to London is the perfect gift for those in search of the ultimate wellbeing guide and bible. Containing in-depth reviews of London’s best hotspots- from raw food bars, to holistic spas - alongside articles and advice from some of London’s leading wellbeing practitioners, it will encourage readers to slow down and enjoy the capital under a different, healthier guise. Great to discover that this great city is not just all about the nightclubs and pubs!