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CONTENT CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: Raw Food and Super Foods Gifts For Wellbeing Fans

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An art form within itself, gift giving often comes with a certain amount of gift choosing anxiety - especially when buying for someone who always seems to know the latest launch and must-have wellbeing accessory. So in an attempt to get you on the good side of any Wellbeing ‘guru’ you have on your shopping list, we have compiled an edit of our favourite wellbeing products that we guarantee will make even the most difficult person to buy for ‘Content’ come Christmas Day.

For Fitness Fanatics...

Whether you’re shopping for a friend who’s crazy for cardio or a yoga enthusiast, our range of gift ideas cater for fitness lovers of all types - trust us, no one needs another sweatband or pedometer! Instead wow your friends by looking supplement smart with our selection of energy inducing superfoods, and whilst it may not be the most glamourous gift, our range of vegan protein powders will give you nutrition knowledge cred and points for usefulness (and we’re not talking about the sports socks kind of usefulness either.)

For lovers of juicing and smoothe-ing, stock up on Alchemy Organic Super Blends which combine the health benefits of some of the world’s most nutrient-rich plants and are vegan and anti-oxidant rich. Just add to a blender to absorb all the goodness! Go for a Beauty ElixirMorning Elixir or Energy Elixir according to your giftee.

For muscle building sporty types, treat them to Sunwarrior Raw Vegan Protein Powder in Chocolate or Vanilla and if you’re feeling extra generous, throw in a jar of Super Greens, a superfood powder we love to add to our smoothies for a dose of the green stuff. If you know your fitness fanatic prefers to keep it quick and easy, Amazing Meal makes for a great, greens included, option. Just don’t ask us to gift wrap these, in this case you’re on your own (or ask instore – our gift wrap experts will take up the challenge to gift wrap almost any shape!)

If your fitness fanatic is the type of busy body that races to the gym before the sun has risen or dashes to pilates straight after work, the Four Sigma Foods Sport Herbs or Instant Cordyceps will get them workout ready in minutes - trust us, even if your giftee swears he/she’s full of beans 24/7, we all could do with an extra energy boost before a workout).

If you’ve noticed your fitness fanatic has lost his/her usual vigour with the onset of the colder months, Lotus Wei’s Inspired Action Energy Mist could be exactly what they need. Possessing a permanent place on our bedside table for those chilly mornings, nothing perks us up as much as this little bottle of instant ‘energy’. Alternatively, if your giftee is the ‘bend and breathe’ type of fitness devotee they will love the Lotus Wei Inner Peace Mist - a quick mist of their mat will imbue a sense of peace and calm to aid their yoga practise. You can get the portable, roll on version of both in the Lotus Wei Anointing Oils Collections. 

Post workout, they'll love the Tata Harper Soothing Muscle Gel to soothe sore muscles, with the refreshing scent of blue cypress to help them relax. If you want to take it to the next level, the Therapie Heal Me Kit is the ideal pampering experience for those who are feeling a little run down- a gift set featuring mini sizes from the Therapie Heal Me Range which nourishes the senses.

For Knowledge Seekers...

Whether you’re looking to further your #greenbeauty knowledge or convert a friend or maybe learn about the power of plants and nutrition or explore natural therapeutics, knowledge seekers of all sorts will love our selection of wellbeing based books and treatments...

A gem we came across at a country town vintage book store, The Natural Beauty Handbook, class 1975, is an essential addition to any healthy living library and an ideal gift for natural beauty fans, which is filled with practical ways and homemade preparations to bring out your own natural beauty. Or maybe your giftees love to know the latest places and wellbeing spaces to head to? Grab them a copy of the Wellbeing Guide to London and make a date to visit one of the featured destinations in the New Year. For lovers of clean-eating, we recommend Nourished Journalwith content including travel, recipes for infused honey and a beginners guide to crystals.

If you are tired of trying to explain to your friends why all the smart girls have already switched to organic beauty, No More Dirty Looks by Siobhan O’Connor and Alexandra Spunt makes a compelling case when you are starting to sound like a broken record. Let these investigative journalists turned #greenbeauties take the hard work out of convincing your bestie with their expert tips to help them detox their beauty cabinet. Along with insider secrets from industry experts, simple DIY beauty recipes (if this appeals stay tuned for our gift guide for DIY Devotees) and one hundred of the best clean makeup, hair care, and skin care products on the market today, even die-hard conventional beauty fans can’t argue with these girls.

Know someone that has been struggling for a while now with ongoing skin problems? Have they tried every product under the sun to no avail? It may be time for them to take a new approach. A gift voucher for one of our specialised treatments may assist them in getting closer to their desired health and skin goals. If your giftee is a foodie, a Nutritional Consultation or Skin Nutrition Treatment makes a great gift. Head over to our Content Clinic to learn more.

For Busy Bodies...

Everyone has a friend who can’t sit still, the one in the group who’s always busy making plans and ‘over’achieving. But as the year comes to an end, have they stopped to smell the roses? Give them a nudge and help them unwind with one of our favourite relaxation inducing remedies. Try the SKIN & TONIC Keep Calm Collection, a handbag friendly collection of essentials for those that spend all day rushing between meetings and being brilliant. Night time calls for a different tactic – help them clear their mind and unwind with the Lotus Wei Quiet Mind Mist or the Lotus Wei Peace Anointing Oil Collection – ideal if they have trouble sleeping due to a million overwhelming thoughts. Trust us they’ll thank you for it!

To support their busy lifestyle, gift them some Living Nutrition – a range of superfoods that by uses unique kombucha and water kefir fermentations which are vegan, gluten and dairy free and are bursting with healthy micro-flora, enzymes and living nutrients. It's guaranteed to please even the most discerning wellbeing fan!

If your busy body is desk bound all day fighting off emails and phone calls, Tata Harper’s Stress and Irritability Treatments are the busy office workers best friend. We keep both in our desk drawer and are even known to use the Irritability treatment as a perfume – it smells divine!

Busy bodies and busy minds? They'll need a soothing, sleeping aid - the Content Dream Collection is the perfect lullaby and features some of our essentials for our beauty sleep! The limited-edition kit features a Content Dream Tea, the Lotus Wei Quiet Mind and the Hurraw Moon Lip Balm.