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Wondering what desk essentials the Content Team can't do without? From beating the afternoon slump, to refreshing our complexions, discover the must-have products that we keep within reach on our desks below to drink, eat and spray throughout the day.

When the afternoon slump hits and you’re craving....

Chocolate treats:

  • Hurraw Chocolate Lip Balm is a creamy, lip-smackingly good treat that stays on lips but doesn’t reach for your hips and made from real cocoa.
  • Sweet Virtues Superfood Chocolate Nut ButterSo good that we have it straight from the tub, on raw bread or with rice crackers. Not going to lie, it can be hard to pace ourselves some days!
  • Four Sigma Foods Xoco  are must-haves on cold days when we’re craving a cup of hot cocoa. Balancing delicious dark chocolate and mushrooms: the Xoco Blue has stress-reducing Reishi and the Xoco Red has immune-boosting Chaga.

A 'coffee' hit:

  • Four Sigma Foods Mushroom Coffee  balances delicious Arabica Coffee and medicinal mushrooms (don’t worry, you won’t taste them) for coffee without the jitters. There are two types available: Chaga boosts immunity and Lion’s Mane enhances cognitive functions and neither of them will give you that crash and burn feeling.
  • Content Instant Coffee makes the ideal fake 'coffee’ replacement if you’re weaning off the real thing – it’s a combination of herbs and superfoods, which replicates the dark, deep, slightly bitter taste of coffee.

Mood Enhancers: A perfectly chosen natural beauty product doubles as a desk-side mood lifter! We use:

  • Skin & Tonic Rose Mist: you’ll hear us misting away throughout the day. In fact, we go through heaps of these in winter when the indoor air gets a little drying and in Summer when it's hot, hot, hot. It’s packed with soothing organic rose water and aloe to perk and refresh skin.
  • Twelve Beauty Hyaluroil Lip Treatment is our lip treatment du jour. Plumping, soothing and hydrating thanks to naturally derived hyaluroil acid.
  • Lotus Wei Inspired Action Energy Mist for when we need a little encouragement and we find focus and energy levels dipping. Misting some of this makes us feel instantly awake, inspired and ready to take on the world!
  • Tata Harper Stress Treatment: everyone's deskside favourite fro hitting those deadlines. An aromatherapy treat to uplift and help alleviate anxiety, when applied to pressure points and inhaled - just count to five.......