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Five Organic Skincare Tips For Glowing Skin On Your Wedding Day

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Whilst most brides call in the experts to get them ready for their big day – looking like the best possible version of yourself as you say ‘I do’ is all in the preparation. From increasing your greens, stocking up on sleep and giving yourself some well-deserved TLC. Read on for our top tips to ensure sparkling eyes and a glowing complexion just in time for your wedding day.

Start with Diet – Most people will find their skin is directly affected by what they eat and drink, so clean up your diet for at least a month (3 months is ideal!) before your wedding day. Book a consultation with one of our Naturopaths or Nutritionists to get yourself on the right track. Start by dropping the coffee, alcohol and sugar and then increase your greens and omega 3 from fish or supplements and you’ll notice a big difference in skin tone and texture, not to mention clear, bright eyes. Increasing your greens can be difficult but adding a few green juice days, a serving of greens powder or a cleanse the month prior can really help boast the appearance of clear skin. We created a skin specific Beauty Juice Rest Day with Radiance Cleanse which is great to try leading up to your wedding.

Don’t forget to Sleep - It’s ironic that the one day in your life when you want to look your best is at the time when you are likely to be the busiest and under the most stress. Whatever you do make sure you get to bed on time. Lack of sleep will show up on your skin overnight. Stop the mental chatter by shutting down your computer and event planning a couple of hours prior to bed. The hours before midnight are the most beneficial - aim to retire by 10pm. We keep Tata Harpers Bedtime Treatment to hand for nights when I can’t sleep.

Massage Methods – Did you know that lift and definition (read cheek bones!) can be enhanced by facial massage or facial acupuncture? Book a series of facials prior to you big day, but just make sure you time your treatments so that the last deep pore-cleansing one is at least two weeks prior your wedding day as you will need time to ensure any breakouts have dissipated in time. Don’t forget to request that your treatment includes your décolleté too. Scheduling a course of six treatments will get the best results but you can also boost the affects by doing a simple facial massage at home each evening with one of our lovely organic facial oils.

Body Beautiful – Don’t forget to give your body some attention - it’s likely that your dress will be showing off more than just your good taste. The easiest and best way to get the skin on your body in good condition is with dry body brushing. This stimulates the lymphatic system and gently exfoliates the skin. With some daily dedication, always brushing towards the heart, your skin will literally glow

Mastering Make-Up -  If you do choose to take on the task of creating your own natural beauty look on your special day - book yourself in for a Look Natural Bride Make-up Lesson with one of our Organic Makeup Artists to get you properly prepared. If you have a specific look in mind - be prepared for your trial with any reference images and colour preferences ready for the day. Or leave it to the professionals and book one of our organic make-up artists for the day.