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Get The Guide: Soil Association Certified #OrganicBeauty Brands We Love

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Whilst many of our products are certified by organic bodies, as #OrganicSeptember celebrates those brands with certification from the Soil Association so this month we’re celebrating the ranges we stock with this stamp of approval. Whichever your skin type or #greenbeauty preference, we have a Soil Association certified brand for you.

From the language used, to the origin of the products, when it comes to establishing a trusted brand and customer relationship, a mutual understanding of key values is essential. Whilst many brands are quick to classify themselves as natural or organic, what some consumers may not know is that this is an unregulated term. Enter the certification bodies which with their stamp of approval give signal that the product has been independently audited.

Founder of Pai Skincare, Sarah Brown, developed her range with this at the core of the brand ethos: "Certified organic is about more than just being really natural. So few people realise there is no regulation controlling the use of the word 'organic' in beauty - so that "organic" moisturiser you think you're buying could actually be 99% synthetic. Looking for a certification logo is the only way to truly guarantee what's in the bottle."

Possessing an organic content of a minimum of %70, whilst the Pai Skincare range caters for all skin types it has been especially formulated for those prone to skin sensitives, eczema and hypersensitivity – skin issues that may be exacerbated by non-natural ingredients.

Another Soil Association certified brand which cleverly combines bio-active ingredients and plant extracts certified by the Soil Association is Nourish Skincare. Citing the Soil Association stamp as the 'compass' that 'aligns values and commitment' all whilst supporting the organic movement, Nourish Skincare's Pauline Hili elaborates: "Organic certification is important because it is a fantastic tool for product developers and brand owners to all be on the same page and speaking the same language that can be clearly understood by Customers.  The Soil Association is an excellent organisation for driving standards upwards." Check out the Nourish Skincare Range here.

From environmental conservation to animal welfare, Therapi Honey Skincare is another of our #organicbeauty brands that possesses a Soil Association organic certification. Choosing to go organic was an obvious choice for this range designed to both treat the skin and champion the bees. Organic farms support 50% more wildlife, with 30% more species; that’s more birds, butterflies, beetles, bats wildflowers and of course bees, and it is this ethos that Therapi's Tanya Hawkes contends as influencing their decision to seek certification from the Soil Association: "Organic is the link between our two passions: natural skincare and a love of nature. For Therapi it was very important to gain Soil Association organic certification as it sets the gold standard for the entire ‘soil to skin’ chain. Their logo is a guarantee of commitment to quality, purity of ingredients, ethical standards and systems that support biodiversity". View the Therapi Honey Skincare range here.

The birth child of the late Horst M. Rechelbacher, a visionary environmentalist and consummate beauty innovator; Intelligent Nutrients comes from Rechelbacher's drive to preserve the Earth whilst embracing natures offerings. His revolutionary philosophy present in every bottle of Intelligent Nutrients products are based on the mantra that "Everything we put into our bodies must be nutritious and safe" - a motto coined by Horst and still practised by the company today. Before he passed away, he wrote a letter to the planet expressing "In the 20th century, companies promise us better living through chemistry. Companies and conglomerates must tell the truth about what's in their products 'Natural' or not! The customer needs to be able to choose what goes in their bodies, into their skin and eventually into themselves.  This is why it is so vitally important for our products to be SA certified organic."

Using a technique to cultivate plant stem cells at their maximum potency to offer 1,000 times the benefits of conventional plants, Intelligent Nutrients clever proprietary process uses Soil Association approved plant cells that not only provide amazing benefits for the skin but saves tons of water, preserves biodiversity and reserves land for food and farm use during the process.

Something extra...

Producing natural products that utilise the best from nature, learning from traditional healers, Dr Jackson's products are formulated using techniques which mimic the way the natural ingredients are harvested and extracted at source. Certified by the Soil Association is one of our favourite products from the range, great for removing make-up, moisturising spots of dryness and adding moisture to the ends of hair. If you love coconut oil go Soil Association certified organic with Dr Jackson's organic coconut melt.
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