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How to Nail It With Our Nail Hacks

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Do you find your nails breaking more often than usual and lacking their usual strength? Or maybe you cuticles are going through a 'raggy' phase. You can nail it with our tried and tested natural beauty nail tips below...

  • Dry, cracked, damaged nails and cuticles? Give them a little massage to get the circulation flowing, then condition with an ultra-hydrating oil. For easy brush application, we like the AEOS Biodynamic Nail and Cuticle Treatment which is rich in naturally moisturising and rich in antioxidant vitamin-E due to the spelt oil, which is grown right here in the UK. For multi-tasking while out and about keep one of the oils in Lola's Apothecary Radiance & Perfume On-The-Go set in your hand bag: take your pick - all three oils are packed with nourishing rosehip, argan and sweet almond oil and perfect to roll on cuticles to soften them and them on pulse points as a perfume!
  • Nail polish lover? A trick we like to use between switching different hues: after you’ve used your natural nail polish remover (we love the Priti NYC Removers) dip your nails in some warm water with half a lemon squeezed into it. This helps to rid the nails of any polish remover residue and traces of oil. It’s also a good pre-manicure treatment for clean nails. Take note: not advised if you have any open wounds and cracks as it will hurt!

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  • Nails that break? Keep them in shape with the AEOS Crystal Nail Files. Using a crystal nail file regularly stops nails from cracking, chipping and peeling - but remember to just file in one direction like the professionals. Then, follow with conditioning by rubbing a couple of drops of Guy Morgan Salem Rose Hair & Nail Oil around nail plates and cuticles day and night. Packed with organic castor oil and rosemary extract, it’s designed to strengthen and encourage growth.