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How to Spring Clean your Home

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If you’ve made the switch to organic makeup and skincare, shop weekly at local and organic farmers markets and are passionate about the values of living an organic lifestyle (well done!), bring this ethos home. Spring is the perfect time to do just that. From bedding, furnishings, cleaning products and even 'clean' paint – we’ve rounded up some of our favourite ways to make your home as planet-friendly as possible.


Organic Mattresses

Did you know that we spend around one third of our lives in bed? With this in mind, it makes sense to choose our mattresses and bedding mindfully. Taking into account how your bedding materials are crafted is the first step in making your bedroom more of a natural environment.

When shopping for a mattress, look for one free from flame-retardant chemicals and certified by an organic authority. Unfortunately, many conventional mattresses are exposed to chemicals you wouldn't want as a bed partner, in order to meet safety standards. To fulfil requirements, manufacturers coat mattresses with flame retardant chemicals that can significantly increase our chemical load. If you’re worried about the fire risk of using a mattress that isn’t flame proof, don't! Non-toxic materials like Welsh wool as featured in UK brand Abaca Organics’, Soil Association-certified mattresses are naturally fire retardant. Abaca Organic produces their bedding using materials cultivated by traditional farming methods, avoiding the use of fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides that non-organic wool, cotton and other common materials can be exposed to. Like any type of organic farming, these methods of production not only benefit personal health and reduce our exposure to toxicity; they also support sustainable farming and the environment and a good nights sleep!

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Organic Bedding & Home

These are ideal for allergy or eczema sufferers due to the low-toxin count and non-irritable natural texture of the organic cottons used. If you suffer from recurring skin conditions, making the materials you are most in contact with as organic as possible may significantly reduce your symptoms.

For bedding, look to Four Furnishings who provide a range of Soil Association-certified bed linen and blankets made from 100% organic cotton. Whilst some people may argue that by the time organic cotton is bleached and manufactured its organic integrity is compromised, here at Content we’re more interested in supporting sustainable growing methods, minimising farming’s impact on the environment and the chemicals that growers are often exposed to as a result of conventional growing methods.

For all your organic bathroom needsGreen Fibres is a great online pit-stop for picking up Soil Association-certified organic, eco-friendly and fair trade bathroom goods such as towels and bath mats.

When it comes to cleaning products, we like Green Scents, a range especially formulated for those with sensitive skin. This Soil Association-certified range of household cleaning products are as kind to skin as to the planet.

Whilst not certified organic, natural paints offer another step towards minimising toxic fumes and the undesirable ingredients that can lead to health and environmental problems. When looking for a natural paint search for one that is water based and free of solvents, VOC’s, pesticides, herbicides and toxins – we love the Lakeland Paints range which we used for both home and the Content shop.

Special Mention

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