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Long Hot Summer? Amala has the Repair Kit for Sun-Damaged Skin

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Those of us lucky enough to enjoy a long, hot summer may be entering Autumn with a little post sun regret. We chat to Joi Rudd from Amala about its essential repair kit for sun-damaged skin.

At Amala, we know a healthy, bronzed glow in summer is a beauty must for many. But, alas, with cooler autumn days often come the proverbial post-sun skin regrets. Skin that was tanned and exotic in August is now perhaps looking a bit dull and dehydrated. New-found wrinkles and freckles have appeared, and show no signs of going anywhere. We understand, and have just the anti-ageing kit for you to start repairing post-summer skin for a healthy, younger looking complexion this autumn - naturally.

Post-Sun Regret #1: Puffiness and dehydration in the eye area.

The Specialist: Amala Hydrating Eye Treatment Our lightweight Eye Treatment is heavy on benefits. The gel-cream formula soothes and hydrates tired, puffy eyes with organic Jasmine, Avocado and Eyebright.

Bonus: it's also clinically proven to firm skin and increase elasticity!

Post-Sun Regret #2: Fine lines and wrinkles.

The Specialist: Amala Rejuvenating Serum The Rejuvenating Serum is our powerhouse booster product and one of our most popular products, packed with a potent antioxidant trio of pure Vitamin C-rich Acerola, Sea Algae and Cocoa Bean to naturally repair skin while protecting it from free radical age damage. Our clinical test results for this product rival those of any conventional serum: after four weeks, 100% of women tested demonstrated a significant improvement in the depth of lines and wrinkles.

Bonus: the Rejuvenating Serum is also proven to deliver significant firming benefits. Based on a 28-day in-vivo clinical study.

Post-Sun Regret #3: New freckles and dark spots.

The Specialist: Amala Rejuvenating Face Cream This healing hydrator is formulated with organic Acerola and Licorice Root, two natural brighteners that can help ease the look of hyperpigmentation.

Bonus: the Rejuvenating Face Cream is also clinically proven to firm and reduce the depth of lines and wrinkles!

Post-sun Regret #4: Dull, dehydrated skin.

The Specialist: Amala Hydrating Treatment Oil Our Treatment Oil contains Amala's highest concentration of precious seed oil extracts. Seeds are the source of new plant life, and our cold pressed seed oil boosters capture this youthful energy and deliver it to skin. Rich in Omega essential fatty acids, Amala's seed oils were hand selected for their ability to deeply moisturize and boost skin's natural repair process. And the composition of our seed oils allows for quick, easy absorption, leaving your complexion with healthy, dewy radiance.

Expert tip: Apply your Treatment Oil to damp skin to create a silky emulsion on contact.

Post-Sun Regret #5: Dry skin all over body.

The Specialist: Amala Detoxify Body Butter This rich, comforting Body Butter nourishes and moisturizes even the driest skin. An application feels like wrapping skin in soothing hydration that lasts all day. Perfect for dry, dehydrated elbows, knees and hands. For an at-home spa Autumn treatment, try the Body Butter after a soak in the Amala's Detoxifying Bath Crystals.