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New Arrival: We Chat to Michelle Roques O'Neil Founder of Therapie.

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Everyone knows all of us at CONTENT are suckers for some beautiful packaging, sensation scents and products that have a holistic quality. The latest range to arrive instore and online, Therapie, ticks all the right boxes and is created by Michelle Roques O'Neil, named by Vogue as one of the top ten aromatherapists in the world. With a career spanning more than 30 years, Michelle has pioneered innovative treatments and developed acclaimed products for her own range and as a consultant to many others. We spoke to Michelle about the range and her favourites:

We love the way that each product in the range has a different therapeutic action. What is the best way to use them?

Thank you, the range is best used as a regime, Boost is a brilliant antidote to morning lethargy. If you feel out of balance Equilibrium brings you back to centre.  You can use this in the shower AM to centre you or PM as a calming transition from work to social occasion, or to simply relax without feeling knocked out-wonderfully comforting too when suffering from PMS too!

Carry Restore with you wherever you go, it's great in between meetings or whenever you're feeling a little 'flat'. Cherish is wonderfully nourishing and fortifying, great to apply after bathing - see your skin visibly plump up and gleam with vitality. Last but definitely not least Detox is great for a good night sleep , when you really need to decompress and let go, it just melts away all signs of adrenal fatigue and stress. Obviously you could also create a combination that best suits your lifestyle. The Discovery Kit is a wonderful way to explore the core range.

We have recently added Joie Uplifting Bath Infusion (available via the shop) to the collection and for me I am utterly delighted by this optomistc blend, something we all need as nights draw in, it simply lifts away any winter blues.


The way we use scent can change with the seasons. Which essential oils are your favourites for Winter?

I think oils such as Lavender, we use a special NZ lavender which very soft and floral, it's good for the Kidney's, which need fortifying in the Winter months - Wild Rose and Jasmine Sambac great for warming the heart and lifting away depression, often the downside of mental tiredness. Juniperberry is very fortifying and gives comfort when yor feeling a little wimpy and weak. Blood Orange to melt away built up internal tension (when we don't know when to let go) and Frankincense the great protector so calming, great when you feel vulnerable and out of sorts. Naiouli to warm muscles created through tension and fatigue. Oils
What makes the range different from other brands using essential oils?
When I created this range I wanted it to be an extension of my treatments so this meant incorporating other aspects of my therapeutic palette, such as crystals tinctures, bach remedies & crystals, herbals powders, extracts and a vast array of carriers oils. I have always worked energetically combining the principals of numerology in to my formulas. I've worked with crystals and have seen their therapeutic power first hand to balance and strengthen. I am a Reiki Master and have worked as a healer for 20 years, so I always energise each batch of product before it goes out- some people may find that a little left of field but people can't quite put their finger on why the range feels so powerful and works that's because it's supercharged with good blessings. Minerals-and-Crystals
What is your must have product from the range? 

There are two, maybe three... the Boost Hair and Body Wash and the Himalayan Detox Salts - one because it's the perfect start to the day and the other because it's the perfect end to the day- so depending on whether you need switching on or off. I do tend to have these always in my  bathroom. Third fav would be the Restore Aura Spray I use this after each treatment to bring people around gently. A great friend of mine whose an A-list hairdressers has it on tap and uses it on clients all the time whether they are fretting over their red-carpet dress reveal or pre-show nerves.