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New Arrivals: Tata Harper Concentrated Brightening Serum Lands in the UK!

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WEB-Brightening-SerumThis month the much awaited new launch from Tata Harper's Super Serums range arrives. The Concentrated Brightening Serum boasts the awarding-winning base of the Rejuvenating Serum with an additional six targeted actives to charge this new formation with the tools to fight hyper-pigmentation, lightening, inhibiting further damage and protecting.

Formulated with the latest in natural skincare technology, the Concentrated Brightening Serum contains one of our favourite ingredients from the sea, Norwegian Kelp, included for its ability to support and increase the skin's natural melanin elimination rate. Norwegian Kelp also contains powerful antioxidants to reduce the appearance of melanin darkness, pair this with Sea Fern Extract which targets the transfer of melanin to pigmentation organelles in the skin to visibily reduce the appearance of dark spots. This serum also includes the new buzz in skincare, stem cells. Tata Harper has include Madonna Lily stem cell which works to block the ability of melanosomes to absorb and create dark spots, plus helps to boost cell renewal. The magic 3 to fade, inhibit and protect!

Other ingredients we love include Summer Snowflake Bulb Extract for its anti-ageng and skin lightening benefits, Milk Thistle to help inhibit UV-induced oxidative stress and Narcissus Bulb Extract which has the ability to slow down the synthesis of melanin, the skin pigment that leads to dark spots.

This unique combination of natural and organic skincare ingredients boasts some impressive clinical results too.....

  • 24 hrs: Reduce melanin. Helps reduce the skin's melanin content by 35%
  • 3 days: Fade melanin deposits. Boosts the natural melanin removal process by 155%
  • 28 days: Decrease pigmentation. 86% of users noticed a 41% decrease in skin pigmentation
  • 42 days: Lighten the look of dark spots. Reduces the look of dark spots by 63%

Perfect for those with sun-worn skin after summer or those prone to pigmentation and dark spots. Top tip - We are using on hands as well as face, where tell-tale signs of sun exposure and dark spots sneak up on you!