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Our Favourite Summer Coolers Featuring Four Sigma Foods Mind & Sport Herbs

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Green LanternIn celebration of the recent launch of Four Sigma Foods new range of herbs formulated to promote an all-natural mind and body boost – we couldn’t wait to share with you two refreshing and revitalizing Summer drink blends featuring each of these clever herbal formulations.

Green Lantern

If it’s enhanced concentration, a feeling of balance and a sense of calm that you're after then the Green Lantern is for you. A delicious mix of greens, coconut water and Four Sigma Foods Mind Herbs makes for a refreshing Summer thirst quencher. The addition of avocado adds some substance and healthy fats which not only makes this mind boosting drink a satiating snack, but assists in our bodies absorption of the array of nutrients that both the greens and the herbs provide.


1/2 cucumber 1/2 avocado 4 big lettuce leaves 300mls of coconut water 1 sachet of Mind Herbs

Add to a blender and blend until smooth. Best enjoyed ice cold.

Sport Margaritasport_margarita

Whether you’re a yogi, a runner or simply live an active outdoor lifestyle, make the Sport Margarita your new drink of choice. Combining seasonal summer fruits watermelon and strawberries with spicy fresh ginger and Four Sigma Foods Sport Herbs, this energy boosting blend is the perfect all-natural hydrator. It makes the perfect alternative to your usual caffeine or sugar laden beverage – providing you with a boost without the dreaded crash that these stimulants leave behind.


300ml of watermelon (cold) 1 cm piece of ginger 10 fresh strawberries 1 sachet of Sport Herbs

Add to a blender with a few cubes of ice, blend until smooth and enjoy!

Stay tuned for more recipes featuring Four Sigma Foods Mind & Sport herbs coming soon.