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Q & A with Less is More Organic Hair Care founder Doris Brandhuber

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Helping solve our hair dilemmias Doris Brandhuber from Austrian hair care brand Less is More offers advice on three different hair types.


Hair Type: Very thick with lots of hair. From: Heather

My hair is very thick, in the sense that there is lots of it, but the individual hairs are very fine, so it tends to get weighed down with products that are too heavy, but flyaway with products that clean too much. I like a shampoo that lathers enough to spread around the scalp and doesn't smell bad - problems I've encountered with a lot of natural/organic products. I don't wash my hair every single day, but often will wash two days in a row, and I also condition. I'd like a light conditioner that mainly detangles, and something for shine would be nice too.

Dear Heather,

I recommend to you our yellow line - GLOSS - comprising of:

Shampoo evening primrose cajeput, which is a mild, yet good lathering Shampoo suitable for all hairtypes and everyday use. We recommend to split the amount of Shampoo you'd normally use and shampoo twice - the first run will cleanse, the second run will give you the desired lather.

Balm tangerine silk - a leave-in conditioner perfect for your hairtype to use after every wash. It is oil-free, anti-static, detangling and gives body instead of weighing down your hair. Work in a SMALL amount evenly into damp hair, do not wash out!

Glossing Conditioner Melissa Orange - for your hair we'd recommend this conditioner if you'd like to give your hair an extra treatment in form of a 10 minute mask once every 1 or 2 weeks. Alternatively you can use.

Strengthening conditioner horsetail honey, which gives hair more volume than the Glossing Conditioner.

all the best Doris


Hair Type: Very fine with highlights. From: Beverley

I have colour treated (very fine) hair (highlighted). I am unsure which of the sprays would be the correct one for me to use. I was considering the protein spray as it seems to indicate that it is suitable for fine hair. I also looked at Lindengloss as there is UV protection plus the Rose Serum although I feel my first product would be something to help after washing when my hair needs something to keep fly away ends controlled. I use straighteners to finish my bob style although the hairdresser can dry it straight without the need for more heat! I have a natural 'kink/curl' which I hate especially when the weather is humid! Very excited about this range I use SLS/silicone free shampoo & conditioner (will have to use this up) but finding a finishing product is proving a nightmare as the ones which really work have silicones which I don't want to use. If I use something too heavy it can be too rich for my hair or dulls the fair/blond colour. I really would be most grateful if you could advise on the finishing products most suited to me at this stage.

Dear Beverley,

Regarding the sprays you mentioned, only the LINDENGLOSS is a finishing product in the sense that it is used on dry hair. The PROTEINSPRAY is a light conditioning spray for fine hair used after washing, however, you can use it as a finish product as well, if you distribute it in your hand first and then apply to your hair, otherwise it will be too wet. LINDENGLOSS is an organic alternative to silicone-products that really works, however, for your fine hair you'll need to use it very sparingly (just the same as with silicone-containing products), best to apply it on your hands first and then distribute over your hair. ROSE SERUM will be too heavy for your hair.

For what you are describing you want to achieve for your hair - control of fly-aways and of your straight bob hairstyle - LIMESOUFFLÉ is a great solution for you. It gives medium hold and really allows you to control the form of your hair. To use: work into your damp hair evenly a SMALL amount before drying/straightening. If you want to soften the effect, you can mix LIMESOUFFLÉ with BALM tangerine silk and use as described for Limesoufflé only. BALM tangerine silk would also be your conditioner, once you have used up your current one :) It is a lightweight, oil-free leave-in conditioner.

all the best



Hair Type: Wavy with dry ends From: Lydia

I have long (bra-strap length) hair, medium-textured and wavy. The roots are quite normal, but the ends are very dry (I had highlights which have been coloured over). Which shampoo and conditioner would be best for me, and what styling product would you recommend to tame frizziness please?

Dear Lydia,

I'd recommend you to use a shampoo that suits your roots and use a conditioner that suits your ends and use the conditioner only for lengths and ends - not on the roots. For your hairtype this will be Shampoo evening primrose cajeput plus Nourishing Conditioner jojoba olive (rinse-off) or Balm lavender apricot (leave on). Which conditioner you choose depends on your preference of application. The rinse-off conditioner can be used as well as a rinse or a mask, depending on application time. Superiour results are achieved, if you leave it on for 5-10 min before rinsing. Balm lavender apricot is the quick solution as you do not have to rinse off again.

As for styling&finish products, we have several options that control frizz, promote shine & protect damaged hair from drying out:

Rose Serum: this is a very concentrated product you can use as a anti-frizz finish - use 1-2 drops, distribute in your palms, then work into ends lengths. You can also use to increase intensity of care for any shampoo, conditioner or styling product - if hair is very dry - by adding 1-2 drops.

Lindengloss: a two-phase glossing spray that can be used as a finish spray on dry hair. Shake well before every use.

All the best!

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