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THE LAUNCH: Boobs’ Essential Oil Organic Beauty Oil Arrives at Content

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From the same people behind one of our favourite food finds of late Wunderworkshop, we have the Boobs’ Essential Oil. Launched during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, this breast massage oil was created to encourage women to check themselves for lumps regularly – while making a beautifying ritual out of it.

Its founder Zoe Lind van't Hof created it after her mother was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in 2014. While helping her Mum research complementary therapies, she stumbled on the role of essential oils in preventing and treating breast tumors. As a result, the oil is a blend of anti-inflammatory and hydrating organic almond oil, Frankinsence, myrrh and sandalwood: a combination which, according to scientific research, may help to prevent and reverse cysts, rejuvenate cells and increase immune cell activity. In fact according to a study, Frankincense essential oil activates an array of genes and pathways which suppress the growth and induce apoptosis of human cancer cell lines, while a further study discovered that myrrh may bear anti-cancer agents. We’ve asked founder Zoe for her tips and steps to use the product. Get them below:
  • “After cleansing, whilst your skin is still moist, massage 2 drops of Boobs’ Essential Oil onto your boobs
  • Massage in a circular motion covering your entire boobs to become familiar with how they feel, to be able to notice any change. 
  • Follow a pattern and be sure that you cover your whole boobs. For example, you can begin at the nipple, moving in larger and larger circles until you reach the outer edge. Whilst doing so, make sure to breathe deeply and inhale the soothing warm and woody scent of the oil. 
Also, have a look at the sketch below for a simple demonstration on how to most effectively massage your breasts and test it for lumps. BoobsEssential-check-web Boobs’ Essential Oil is now available instore at Content and online for worldwide shipping. Get it here.