CONTENT LOCK-IN: Twelve Beauty

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Find out more about the Twelve Beauty Masterclasswhere guests learnt about what Pedro prioritises to offer the highest quality products, and had the opportunity to DIY natural gels and oil cleansers using botanical ingredients brought in from the Twelve lab!

Meet Pedro Catalá, founder of Twelve Beauty, for an interactive natural formulation masterclass.

Pedro has studied pharmacy, botany and cosmetology, and has over 20 years of experience in plants and herbology, which he shares in his unique approach to modern urban skincare in Twelve Beauty.

Throughout this event you will learn how to make a gel with natural gums, which can be the perfect base for an eye cream or a serum, and you will then prepare an oil cleanser from an oil of your choice. 

Limited spaces available. 
Non-refundable ticket.


7pm Thursday 28th March 2019


Content Beauty & Wellbeing 
32-34 New Cavendish Street
London W1G 8UE