Dick Moby was founded in 2012 in Amsterdam after Tim took Robbert on the worst surfing trip ever - the sea and beach were full of trash. They decided to do something about it. Not being engineers or lawyers (unable to tackle the world's problems from those professions) and being ever so slightly vain, they settled on making high quality eyewear out of recycled or oil-free materials. A few months later, Dick Moby was born.

Dick Moby sustainable sunglasses are made from three key materials that help use waste to give it a new purpose, avoid non-renewable oil and make use of recycled plastics and acetates. Choose your favourite style from bio-based oil-free acetate, recycled acetate or recycled metal. All Dick Moby sustainable sunglasses come with UV400-certified ZEISS glass lenses which have an anti-reflection and scratch coating.

They come in a recycled PET pouch with a recycled leather case and a smiley cleaning cloth that is made from recycled PET bottles.

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