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Amly is the Old English name of the organic wild-flower meadow in East Sussex, where Amly Botanicals hails from. From this organic land they have created a unique range of face mists each with a special purpose in mind. The collection combines silver-rich spring water sourced from beneath their meadow with a blend of organic flowers, native herbs and exquisite essential oils, many of which have an inherent affinity with the ancient hedgerows of East Sussex, England.

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Combining the latest in bio-technological ingredients with plant extracts, these bespoke formulations are modern, active and multi-purpose. To extract the organic flower waters Amly use a very gentle hydro-distillation process. The violet glass bottle increases the vitality and potency of the ingredients by providing a natural filter that both protects and improves the quality of the formulation. The FCS-certified packaging is from managed forests. Made in the UK.

Ingredient Spotlight: Silver

Ingredient Spotlight: Silver

Meet the Maker: Amly Botanicals

Meet: Amly Botanicals

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