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Aum Aromatherapy’s founder, Mette Ernst is a practising yoga teacher from Copenhagen who is as passionate about her aromatherapy oils as she is her yoga practice. At her classes, Aum Aromatherapy natural body oils and natural body mists are used to promote specific moods, either to activate and invigorate, balance or calm the body and soul. Available in three moodboosters - Activate, Unify and Meditate - together, these three blends form aum representing the three concepts of movement & activity, grounding & balance and meditative contemplation. Committed to promoting good health and making a difference, Aum Aromatherapy has been lovingly developed to offer natural body products of the highest quality that support the senses during your busy daily life.

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All the ingredients in the aromatherapy body oils and body mists are natural and made with pure essential oils. The essentials oils used stimulate the body’s senses in different ways, helping to intensify the mood you seek. Used throughout the world for millennia, essential oils are renowned for their benefits - helping to uplift the mind, opening breathing passages, calming the nervous system, strengthening the immune system and rejuvenating the skin - all in a natural way. The Aum Aromatherapy range is made in Denmark, with a network of suppliers located in Europe, keeping transport and environmental impact to a minimum. Both the oils and mists are suitable for vegans and are cruelty-free. All Aum Aromatherapy products come in glass bottles.

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