Axiology Beauty

Axiology Beauty

Axiology was founded by Ericka Rodrigeuz, who was inspired to create her own business after not being able to find a vegan, natural lipstick she was happy with.

Wanting to find a solution to the beauty industry’s growing waste problem, Ericka launched Balmies, the first plastic-free, multi-use crayon. Balmies are made with nine power-house, natural ingredients such as hemp, coconut, and plum oil and deliver high performance, moisture-rich colour.

Axiology products are vegan, cruelty-free, and palm oil-free. All packaging is made in Bali from recycled materials.

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more about the brand

Axiology is more than just a natural beauty brand - it's a movement towards a more ethical and sustainable future for beauty. With its clean formulations and commitment to social and environmental responsibility, Axiology offers a range of high-quality, vegan, cruelty-free 'balmies' crafted with organic and natural ingredients.

With a mission to redefine beauty standards and promote conscious consumerism, Axiology empowers individuals to express themselves authentically while keeping the impact on the planet to a minimum - Axiology is entirely plastic-free!

The packaging is crafted entirely from reclaimed paper & card sourced from Bali, ensuring 100% recyclability. Collaborating with a remarkable women’s cooperative who ingeniously transforms the island's paper waste into exquisite packaging, simultaneously offering steady employment and equitable wages to local women and contributing to mitigating pollution while uplifting the community.