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Founded in 2018 by Camille Bourdarias and Quentin Boyer Di Bernardo CVM·ILLE is a collection of sustainable, vegan jewellery pieces inspired by antiques. Individually handcrafted in their Paris workshop CVM·ILLE works with local suppliers to source recycled brass and silver, and cruelty-free and vegan materials. Each piece is made in collaboration with two local jewellery craftswomen, a founder and a gilder. Not only are all CVM·ILLE jewellery pieces cruelty-free and vegan, but all products used in photoshoots are also.  The brand donates 2% of the sale price of each jewel to the Association Les Luttes a Lier, who supported the creation of the first animal sanctuary in the Paris region.

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The first sketches of CVM·ILLE vegan jewellery are done by hand, then the models and prototypes are designed with plaster using the antique method of lost-wax casting using vegan wax. The final piece is then cast in recycled brass, silver or gold from recycled scraps, and transformed into a closed circuit, before finally being gilded or plated with recycled 24-carat gold. CVM·ILLE packaging is sewn in raw linen, a fibre with many ecological benefits, and the brand works exclusively with vegetable inks and recycled paper. CVM·ILLE’s electroplating workshop has a new generation of patented fibres for the purification of water and air, as well as the easy recycling of metals. Their creative offices are supplied by electricity from renewable sources.

Cumille Sustainable Jewellery

Sustainable materials: Recycled brass & 24-carat gold

CVMILLE sustainable jewellery

Jewellery made with Vegan-friendly methods

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