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Large changes are difficult to adapt to, but everyone can upgrade, add, or replace a few small things in their current daily routines with higher quality options. Food just happens to be one of the easiest elements to start with.  With a greater prevalence of health complications: cardiovascular diseases, obesity, cancer, ever increasing mental stress, Alzheimer’s disease, and chronic lung problems are among these. It’s clear that our current lifestyle is not sustainable anymore.

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Combining the timeworn herbal knowledge with the needs of our modern urban lifestyle, Four Sigmatic now brings to you some of the world’s oldest and time tested dietary solutions in a new simpler way. These real power foods are all killer, and no filler delivering thriving feelings despite all the contemporary personal challenges we might encounter daily. We love Four Sigmatic Instant Medicinal Mushrooms, add to drinks, raw chocolate and soups!

Product Spotlight: Mushroom Coffee

Spotlight: Mushroom Coffee

Meet The Maker: Four Sigmatic

Meet The Maker: Four Sigmatic

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