Get the Look: Alima Pure Soft Metallic Eye

Alima Pure Soft Metallic Eye

  • Face

    Warm a cream concealer by swirling your finger in the pan, and then blend gently to cover dark circles and redness. Follow with Pressed Foundation, applied with either a Foundation Brush, Flat Top Brush (for fuller coverage), or a Kabuki Brush (for keeping in one’s purse). Focus coverage on the t-zone first, and blend outward with downward strokes to achieve a lightweight matte layer of coverage.


    Add extra definition to the brows with Natural Definition Brow Pencil. Fill in sparse places with short, hairlike strokes and blend well.

  • Eyes

    Start with a wash of Breathless to brighten the lid using the Mini Blending Brush. Then dampen the brush, and apply Chai onto the lid and into the crease.

    Tightline with Slate. What is tightlining, you ask? It’s applying liner between the lashes to make them appear fuller and bolder without really making it look like you’re wearing actual eyeliner. Slate is ideal for this because it’s a subtle colour with just a tiny hint of shimmer to add interest. A few helpful tips: gently place your fingertip on the center of your eyelid to help lift your lashes. Wiggle the liner between your lashes and underneath the lashline, focusing on the outer half of your eye.

    Finish with a coat (or two, just be sure to wait between them!) of Mascara in Black.


    To finish the look, apply moisturising Lip Tint in Blackberry, a rich, saturated berry-wine colour.