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Julisis is an organic skincare brand created by Julius Eulberg who has been in the cosmetic and fragrance industry for over 20 years. The inspiration behind the brand comes from the ancient alchemistic techniques. Julisis redefines natural skincare for the 21st century, using patented blends of homeopathic precious metals and healing stones including diamonds, pearls, gold and silver with medicinal healing plants. The products are designed to help rebalance the skin to its optimal, natural equilibrium promoting a lasting improvement over a four-week cycle of use.

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Julisis products are free of mineral oils, petroleum silicones like dimethicone, trimethicone and paraffin, microcrystalline wax, lauryl sulfates, synthetic preservatives, synthetic fragrances, glycols. All Julisis products are produced under strict EU pharmaceutical lab standards. Formulas have been pH adjusted in order to be absorbed into your skin for the maximum benefit. Effective, yet gentle formulations are suitable for all skin types. Please check individual products for vegan status. None of the products are tested on animals. Made in Germany.

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Silver Remineralising Mask

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