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We are big fans of organic facial oils at Content. Sometimes referred to as skin boosters or skincare elixirs they all tend to be a clever blend of botanical oils to suit a particular skin type or targeted concern - think balancing spot prone skin or acne, combating dryness or even brightening dull skin. Plant oils provide vitamins and nutrients and differing levels of essential fatty acids, making their skin type uses almost as endless as the ways in which you can use them. We like to massage them into our skin at night or add a drop or two to our moisturiser during the change of season, but you can also use them as a targeted skincare treatment for fine lines or areas of pigmentation or eczema and rosacea.

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But choosing an organic facial oil to suit your skin type can take a bit of research, especially when some ranges have three or four versions. Use our Organic Facial Oil Guide to read about the differences between products in organic skin care brands or try some of the cult favourites - from the essential oil free Rms Beauty Oil to the beauty editor favourite Vintner’s Daughter. All are cruelty free and look for the VE logo to find those that are suitable for vegans. Visit our London organic beauty store to try them in person or shop organic skincare online with free delivery. Need help choosing? Just send us an email here with your skin type and details.

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