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As part of our Great British Beauty collection, the S5 Skincare range is made in small batches in Hertfordshire, UK. Comprised of a range of natural skincare essentials S5 suits a range of skin types, is vegan-friendly skincare and cruelty-free. Our must have products from the range are the targeted treatment serums which have been formulated to help solve specific skin issues - think blemish prone skin, pigmentation, fine lines, dryness and sensitivity. Just mix and match the range to create your personalised skincare solution and protect against the effects of modern living.

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After years of research into natural skincare S5 Skincare founder Laura Rudoe and her team have created a range of vegan skincare that is inspired by the five extreme ecosystems that their bioactives come from. Due to the conditions they grow in, these highly effective natural skincare ingredients are bio adapted to be resilient to the particular stress of their habitat, whether it be extreme temperatures, dryness or humidity, which translates into benefits for your skin. All S5 Skincare products are hypoallergenic, free from fragrance allergens and suitable for sensitive skin. Packaged in miron glass.

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