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Whamisa Korean Beauty

Why It’s Content

Whamisa is a Korean beauty brand creating natural skincare with high potency certified organic ingredients. Using a signature fermentation process, this K-Beauty brand formulates safe and efficient products packed with antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids. Fermentation acts as a natural preservative as well as improving the absorption of the certified organic products. Studies have shown that fermentation enhances the safety of ingredients and reduces toxins.

Content Approved

Whamisa is BDIH certified organic and EWG verified, cruelty free with many products in the range being suitable for vegans. The organic content is listed on all of products for complete transparency. Most leave on products are over 95% organic and rinse off products are around 80% organic. Whamisa do not use plain water; instead, they replace it with botanical extracts and floral waters that nourish your skin.


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