Content Skin Calm Facial

The CONTENT Skin Calm Facial combines the best of our sensitive skincare ranges making it suitable for eczema, or allergy prone and sensitive skin. 

We have combined the benefits of the natural anti-inflammatories and skin-soothing ingredients which work to calm and strengthen the skin from the Pai Skincare range, with our favourite calming serums and treatments. 

Please advise at booking if you have specific requirements, such as vegan or gluten-free.

Manual extracts can be requested at booking.

Content Skin Calm Facial - 30 min | £50

A skin soothing mini facial tailored to your skin type. Perfect for skin maintenance or as a weekly skin calming treatment. Excludes extractions.

    Content Skin Calm Facial - 60 mins | £90

    A bespoke treatment to calm and hydrate sensitive skin. Combines soothing masks and anti-redness serums with manual extractions and gentle massage to help soothe the skin.

    Includes extractions by request at booking.

    Content Skin Calm Facial - 90 mins | £120

    This extended treatment includes additional masks and massage for a relaxing treatment for the hyper-sensitive. 

    Includes extractions by request at booking.

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