Nutrition and Herbal Medicine

"Let food be thy medicine and let they medicine be food." 

Hippocrates (460-377BC)

By working together to build your complete wellbeing picture, the Content Naturopaths employ both holistic and allopathic diagnostic tools to create a personalised treatment plan. They support your ongoing health goals using number of modalities including nutritional therapy and herbal medicine.

What is Naturopathy?

Naturopaths believe that the body has an innate ability to heal itself and if nurtured correctly can rebalance itself and re-achieve homeostasis. Naturopathic principles embrace the theory that health is not just the absence of disease but the acquisition of abundant energy, emotional stability and optimal function for all tissues and body systems. Other fundamental principles are:

  1. "First, do no harm" - Hippocrates (460-377BC). The aim of the Naturopathic practitioner is to gently, subtly and effectively help you guide your body towards health & homeostasis

  2. Promote health by identifying and removing any obstacles to cure - such as smoking, pollutants, nutritional deficiencies etc...

  3. Use inspiration and education to restore and excite responsibility for one's own health

A Naturopathic practitioner views each patient as an individual, with individual needs, responsibilities and requirements. The practitioner endeavours to understand each individual by exploring their physical, mental and emotional symptoms. In doing so, they can better create healthcare advice to suit the individual's needs.

Which Conditions can Naturopathy Help?

Symptoms of many conditions may benefit from a naturopathic approach, including some of today's more common presentations such as:

  • Digestive - flatulence, burping, bloating, IBS, constipation, diarrhoea.
  • Skin - eczema, rosacea, acne and psoriasis.
  • Immunity - frequent colds, coughs and allergies.
  • Stress management - nervous system disorders such as insomnia, low mood, anxiety, nervous tension.
  • Energy - erratic energy or fatigue.
  • Hormone imbalance - insulin resistance, adrenal stress, thyroid imbalance.
  • Reproductive - PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, fertility, menopause, lowered libido.
  • Neurological - Dementia, Alzheimer's disease.
  • Allergies - Hayfever, sinusitis, rhinitis.
  • Chronic conditions - Arthritis, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, autoimmune disease.
  • Weight Management

Naturopathic medicine focuses on optimising the long term health of all facets of the body and mind.

What To Expect During Your Consultation?

During a Naturopathic consult, the practitioner will investigate all physical, mental and emotional symptoms present so a complete symptom picture can be obtained.

They will additionally examine aspects of the patient's diet, lifestyle, stressors and environment so ultimately a holistic view of the patient's health is captured. By focusing on the detail of a patient's case, the Naturopath can easily tailor health advice to suit the patient's individual needs.

Initial Consultation - 60 minutes - £90.00

Follow Up - 30 minutes - £45.00

Depending on your health and the wellbeing goals you would like to achieve you may expect to visit your Naturopath 2- 4 times.

We recommend a health check up every 6 - 12 months. 

Your Naturopath may specify either blood, salivary or stool analysis for diagnosis or monitoring of your health. Testing is at an additional cost.

For bookings or to discuss any of our treatments please phone 020 3075 1006 (Mon-Sat). To submit a question or booking request via email please do so here.