Nutrition & Acupuncture

In a relatively short period of history we have seen the relationship mankind has with the environment change dramatically. Historically, family, rest, food and community were the primary concerns. Over time these fundamentals have slipped down the hierarchy to a place where, for many, the quality and quantity of such essentials are less considered. The change in life balance over the past century may have contributed to the increase in many of the acute and chronic health conditions seen today.

Living and working in busy cities may leave us feeling as though our health and wellbeing is a product of our environment. We have all felt susceptible to the influences of work, stress and managing our daily lives. Maintaining good health can feel beyond our control, leading to poor food and lifestyle choices. With the correct knowledge, tools and support, you can work to create an environment that works for rather than against you, providing the foundations for your good mental and physical health.