Vegan Facials

The CONTENT Vegan Facial combines the best of our vegan skincare ranges and tailors it to the needs of your skin.

Avoiding all ingredients such as beeswax, honey and lanolin this facial is tailored not only to your skin type but your ethos too! You can also add on an LED treatment.

Manual extracts can be requested at booking.

Content Vegan Facial 30 min | £50

A mini facial tailored to your needs. Perfect for skin maintenance or as a weekly acne treatment. Excludes extractions.

Content Vegan Facial 60 min | £90

A bespoke treatment to cleanse and clarify the skin, with additional massage and treatment masks.

Extractions by request at booking.

Content Vegan Facial 90 min | £120

This extended treatment includes additional masks and massage to tone the underlying muscles. 

Extractions by request at booking.

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