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Costa Brazil

Costa Brazil Resina De Breu Aromatic & Tray - Save 30%

£135.00 £94.50

Costa Brazil

Costa Brazil Resina De Breu Aromatic & Tray - Save 30%

£135.00 £94.50


Product code: FFV002

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For an instant mood boost and mental clarity. 

Used for centuries to help enhance peace of mind & focus, Breu is a natural resin that grows in the jungles of Brazil, loved for it's healing aromatherapy benefits. 

Costa Brazil Resina De Breu Aromatic Oleoresin with Ceramic Tray contains ethically sourced Breu which you burn to release a woodsy aroma of rich earth & crushed leaves that helps to purify and reinstate harmony to a room. 

Burn Breu on the provided ceramic tray. 



Please reuse or recycle the accompanying container and tray.

    Boxes made from FSC-Certified paper, sourced in an environmentally-friendly and socially responsible manner. Primary and secondary packaging can be recycled.

    Costa Brazil is partnered with Conservation International (CI), helping to identify and utilise existing farmlands and offer empowering alternative opportunities to comunidades ribeirinhas (river-side agricultural communities) previously burdened with growing conflict crops, and striving to employ sustainable strategies in all aspects where possible from procurement to production to packaging. A percentage of their proceeds are donated to CI to help protect the rainforest and raise environmental awareness.

    Whenever possible their ingredients are wild-harvested, and suppliers are chosen based on their sustainability credentials, fair trade practices, and how they work with local communities to harvest ingredients in a manner that benefits both nature and people. 

    Certified Cruelty-Free. Suitable for Vegans

    How To Use

    Burn the Breu resin on the enclosed handcrafted tray (or another safe, heat-resistant surface of your choice).

    Light the tip of one stone, gently extinguish the flame by blowing or fanning. The resin should emit a dark fragrant smoke, indicating it is slowly smouldering. 

    Warning: Please do not handle burning stones, and allow the stone to cool down completely before handling. Do not leave the burning Breu unattended. 

    Keep away from combustibles, burn only on a stable heat resistant surface and do not burn for more than 2 hours at a time.

    The container may conduct heat while Breu is burning.

    Do not ingest stones. Keep out of reach from children. 


    Breu Resina. 


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