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Crystal Eyes

Crystal Eyes Aura Eye Mask - SALE
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£80.00 £72.00

Crystal Eyes

Crystal Eyes Aura Eye Mask - SALE
Free Gift

£80.00 £72.00

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The Crystal Eyes Aura Eye Mask contains Aqua Aura crystals, helping to cleanse the wearer's energy and raise your vibration so that you are able to be the best version of yourself and reach your goals with ease! 

Crystal: Aqua AuraFull of spiritual and metaphysical qualities, Aqua Aura is best known for its powerful energy that is said to cleanse your aura, soothe your emotional energy as well as activating all chakras. This crystal is also said to attract success in every area of life.  

The hand-made logo includes clear quartz and citrine, positioned directly over the user's third eye to enhance its properties.  

Crystals Eyes silk eye masks are coated with crystals inside the mask in a special process which is registered as a patent. 


Great British - Crystals Eyes Sleep Masks are hand made in the UK.

Certified Material - The brand is certified by the Global Crystal Association for using only fairly traded, conflict-free crystals and gemstones. They work to educate the mining communities on Fair Trade practice and they refuse to buy conflict crystals from countries who use their mines to fund terrorism. 

They work with mines across the world helping them to transform to Fair Trade and increase wages among the mining communities.  They also only buy from independent mine owners or independent miners in the country of origin ensuring the mining communities can keep 100% of their profits.  

Waste Innovation - The masks are filled with the excess silk that is cut from the pattern of the mask in manufacture so there is zero waste. 

Design Innovation - The technology used to create the Crystal Eye Masks does not exist anywhere else in the world the brand has invented the process and have a patent pending for the application process. 

The product also includes clear quartz in each mask because crystals can collect dense energy from the Aura. With the added clear quartz the crystals themselves to do need ‘cleansing’ therefore keeping their energy vibration at it the highest possible level.  

Made From & Care

100% Silk and Crystals

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