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Dame Reusable Pads Set



Dame Reusable Pads Set


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Making the simple swap to Dame Reusable Pads saves 2,000 plastic disposables.

Stay dry and comfortable with Dames Reusable Pad Set, offering you fast-wicking material technology with such a soft & thin material, you'll forget it's there. 

This Dame Reusable Pads Set comes with a Reusable Liner, Reusable Regular & Reusable Night Pad and a DAME dry bag.

Made from patent-pending DAMEdry five-layer technology that keeps you dry and a super-soft layer to keep you comfy.


Dame Reusable Pads Set comes with:

  • 1 Reusable Liner - Ideal for very light flows, spotting and discharge. 
  • 1 Reusable Regular Pad -  Absorbs the equivalent of 1 Dame Super tampon. Good for most days of your period.
  • 1 Reusable Night Pad - Absorbs the equivalent of 1 Dame Super Plus tampon. The longer size and extra absorbency are ideal for nighttime.
  • DAME Dry Bag - Water, air and odour tight which makes it ideal for carrying used pads out & about, with no smell or leaks. Can also be used to wash pads, simply add 5cm of water to the dry bag containing your used pad, leave to soak overnight, pour out the water the next day and chuck your pad in the washing machine. 

Dame Reusable Pads are made using a DAMEdry five-layer technology.

Saves up to 2,000 disposable pads.

4D fabric holds 10x its weight in 2 seconds.

Antimicrobial and moulds to the contours of your body. 

100% recyclable.

How To Use

How to clean: Add water to your DAME Dry Bag, or rinse until water runs clear. Add to your normal 40-degree machine wash and then air dry, hanging outside or in. 

We recommend laundering with a Guppy Bag.

Made From

Core: a wicking layer that draws moisture away from your skin in seconds (polyamide, polyester, lycra) 

Top and bottom outer layer: two layers of super-soft natural fibres that stay comfortable against your skin (lyocell, organic cotton) 

Odour-proof inner layer: an absorbent odour-proof layer is made from 4D fabric technology that holds 10 times its weight in 2 seconds (organic cotton, bamboo, polyester) 

Watertight backing: watertight layer gives you extra security (polyurethane) 


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