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About The Book

Intention is for anyone who wishes to align their life with their innermost wishes and tap into their most underrated power.

Intention is the seed of all change and it is the creative power that fulfils our dreams. An intention contains the DNA of manifestation and it is therefore the key to creating the life you want. 

This powerful book guides you through a process of practical self-enquiry that gets to the true heart of your intentions for this life. You will weed out the obstacles in the way of your wishes, such as limiting self-beliefs and the stories you currently tell about yourself.

You will plant the seeds of intention with a sense of true clarity and infinite possibility, and then water them with your daily actions and care. And then all that needs to be done is to trust in the outcome and allow your intentions to grow.

    Author: Andrew Wallas 

    Hardcover: 192 pages

    Book Dimensions: 12.1 x 1.3 x 18.4 cm

    About The Author

    Andrew Wallas is one of the most compelling business gurus in the country. He is a highly successful businessman and intuitive corporate leader. A pioneer in business, he combines his City experience with deep insight to achieve radical transformation in organisational structure. 

    He is both recognised in the outer world as a respected businessman with a sharp intellect and acumen, as well as being seen as an inner world guide with a deep insight and mystical intuition.

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