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Ound Petal Print Scarf Yellow
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Ound Petal Print Scarf Yellow
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Hand printed with wild harvested Cota Tinctoria (yellow chamomile) petals gathered in August 2018 in La Coruña, Spain.

Each placement of colour is a hand placed petal print. The irregularity of the colour achieved with this artisanal process makes each piece unique and beautiful.

65 x 65cm


Handcrafted - These scarves are printed working with handmade pigments and botanical dyes, one of the oldest crafts of humankind.

Waste Innovation - The handmade natural dyes are extracted from food waste and plants. This natural technique is ound's answer to the toxic synthetic dyes of an industry that pollutes and poisons our water streams and soils.

Design innovation - Printing with flower petals is a delicate process. Ound forage the Wild Tinctoria flowers during spring and early summer and individually place the fresh flower petals on the garments to create a pattern – a labour of love to obtain the pure essence and delicacy of nature.


All silk pieces are one-of-a-kind and are only be made in limited editions. Each is unique and the thoughtful craftsmanship establishes an emotional bond between the garment and the person wearing it.

Ound believe that the greatest luxury is to be found living in tune with ourselves and in alignment with our values. In this day and age, the real nature of luxury is intimate and lies in simplicity.

    Materials & Care

    100% Silk Crepe de Chine

    This item is PH sensitive. Use a PH neutral soap and store out of direct sunlight.

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