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The Power Of Crystal Healing - Save 10%

£12.99 £11.69


The Power Of Crystal Healing - Save 10%

£12.99 £11.69

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About The Book

The Power Of Crystal Healing is a beautiful, modern crystal bible featuring over 100 crystals to raise your vibrations. Cleanse your mind, body & spirit, heal your home, charge your creativity, achieve your career goals, improve your relationships, or simply bring greater wellbeing and more positivity into your every day. Harness the power to heal yourself and live the life you want.

The Power Of Crystal Healing book includes:

  • Over 70 crystals and their physical, spiritual and emotional healing powers.
  • A guide to selecting, cleansing and caring for your crystals.
  • Crystal meditation techniques.
  • An introduction to the chakras.
  • Gorgeous lifestyle photography.

Author: Emma Lucy Knowles

Publisher: Pop Press

Hardcover: 192 pages

Book Dimensions: W 15.3cm x D 1.9cm x H 19.4cm

About The Author

Emma Lucy Knowles is a Clairvoyant and intuitive, hands on crystal healer and meditation teacher. Having worked with crystals and energy for well over 15 years, Emma Lucy started her exploration of crystals at the tender age of 7 years old, becoming fascinated quite ‘by chance’ with how they looked and felt - long before she fully intuitively began to listen in and discover their magic, and explore fully the treasures they held. Having suffered with a bout of childhood depression as a result of heightened sensitivities and powerful unexplained senses – she had a difficulty in learning how to become, understand and communicate herself in a world in which she was striving far too hard to be ‘normal’.

Subsequently living what she describes as a very ‘full life’ made of enriching experiences – Emma Lucy has set about making her transformation of her life pains into power and in turn making this life’s work a power to benefit all. Working with a worldwide base of people and souls - helping them to discover and uncover how to overcome and transmute their pains, in their own way, in their own time - into heart felt success – and using her own life, her experience, the power of energy and the power of crystals to guide and gather a powerful crowd of what she lovingly calls The Overcomers.


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