The Cacao Club

Why It’s Content

The Cacao Club was born from a desire for deeper connection with community and a belief that the benefits of cacao can ground us and bring us closer to others. Harnessing the superfood properties of cacao and therapeutic benefits of specific adaptogens, the cacao disks assist in nourishing both body and mind and can be made into a delicious warming beverage to be shared with friends, or blended into an energising morning smoothie.

Content Approved

The Cacao Club uses only traditionally grown, ethically sourced and organic ingredients. Cacao contains vitamins, essential minerals and a significant amount of antioxidants to fight against oxidative damage in the body. It also contains active ingredients Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors (MOI) and Theobromine that both contribute to increased levels of serotonin, aka the “happy hormone”. Each cacao disk combines cacao with a tailored combination of herbs and natural adaptogens for specified health benefits.

The Cacao Club Ceremonial Tonic for Stress and Anxiety

Spotlight: Ceremonial Tonic for Stress and Anxiety

The Cacao Club For Brain

Spotlight: Ceremonial Tonic for Brain Power and Focus

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