The word Nue means to be different, to be redefining. It's at the heart of everything The Nue Co do. With an aim to question perceptions, empower the brave and celebrate originality, The Nue Co is a brand that inspires rather than dictates what you should or shouldn’t eat, how you exercise or when you meditate.

The Nue Co is a natural food-state supplement company who rather than working with isolated vitamins the team choose to work with powerful organic foods high in natural vitamins or minerals. Every ingredient used is completely traceable and of the highest standard. Based on plant proteins, important for both collagen production and healthy hair and nails, these probiotic powders are free from fillers and bulking ingredients, which means these blends are concentrated, potent and pure. Plastic packaging is limited, all products are in glass jars.

Look for our CONTENT BADGES to shop by ethos including Suitable for Vegans and Food State.