Founded by Patricia Monney in 2008, this Great British Beauty brand has it roots in Ghana and is made in the UK.

Aviela is a word used by the Dagara people from the Northern part of Ghana (where Patricia comes from) with a positive connotation, meaning something ‘Good’, ‘Nice’ or ‘Beautiful’.

Aviela is a natural skincare range using ethically sourced, 100% pure, highest grade, unrefined Shea Butter as the hero ingredient - ethically sourced directly from the fields of Northern Ghana from a Women’s Cooperative that Patricia works directly with.

Unlike many unrefined shea butter products which can be heavy and ‘drag’ on the skin, Aviela products have a sumptuously light, whipped texture, which not only gives a creamy, off-white hue, but enables the products to melt smoothly and effortlessly into the skin

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