Rms Beauty

Rms Beauty

A pioneer of the clean beauty movement, Rose-Marie Swift is a master makeup artist with over 40 years experience. Unwavering in her quest for innovative clean ingredients that perform, she launched Rms Beauty in 2009 and it has been available to buy and try in person in the UK at Content since 2010.

Rms Beauty Skincare & Make-Up has been formulated using a combination of raw, food grade, certified organic, wildcrafted and naturally derived ingredients with a constant pursuit of new technologies that provide even greater efficacy and innovation, while alway meeting the brands rigorous safety standards and testing.

Packaging includes metal tubes (recyclable), refillable elements, PCR lids and glass.

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Rms Beauty is synonymous with clean beauty innovation, offering makeup and skincare products that prioritise both performance and purity, empowering individuals to embrace their natural beauty with confidence.

Shop By Ethos: Rms Beauty does not conduct animal testing and many of its products are vegan - free from animal-derived ingredients. Packaging has been considered, with recyclable metal tubes being used for the Liplights and Eyelights, and refillable packaging innovations have been used on the Rms Beauty Primer, Rms Beauty Re-Evolve Natural Finish Foundation, ReDimension Hydra Powder Blush and Luminizer.

New to the brand? Start with the Rms Beauty bestsellers. From the standout Rms Living Luminizer a highlighter that gives a sheer, dewy glow that mimics the natural radiance of healthy skin, to the product that started it all the Rms Beauty UnCover Up, a multi-tasking natural concealer with a skin-like finish. Or try some of the newer products with their future-forward ingredients like the Gel2Powder ReDimension Hydra Powder Blush, or GlowPlex a complex of natural peptides which is at the heart of the Rms Skincare line.