Raaie harnesses the transformative powers of New Zealand botanicals & blends them with science-backed ingredients such as Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, and Retinal to create a fusion of botanicals meets cosmeceuticals.

Founded by New Zealander Katey Mandy, Raaie was inspired by her love for New Zealand's resilient botanical ingredients. These plants, thriving under harsh UV conditions; have developed unique defensive mechanisms and produce high levels of antioxidants - essentially creating their own 'plant sun protection'.

With 80% of visible ageing found to be caused by UV & sun exposure*, Raaie addresses this with a water-resistant mineral SPF & skincare that is packed with antioxidants & cell-regenerating ingredients to protect & reverse UV damage.

*'Effect of the sun on visible clinical signs of ageing in Caucasian skin' F. Flament et al.

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