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AS Apothecary unique seed-to-skin ethos has its heart firmly in the art of the traditional apothecary. Before a single pot makes its way to your hands it has undergone a unique journey, one that is now almost impossible to find in the beauty industry. First ingredients are planted, tended to and harvested before extracted in their small batch distillery nestled within the South Downs National Park. AS. Apothecary is a collection of natural scents, creams, essential oils and balms created by plant grower, gatherer, distiller and maker.

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This unique brand of local skincare, brings together a love of plants, growing, making, healing & collaboration to produce a small range of beauty-filled products, that capture the essence and vitality of plants with the benefit of illuminating and rejuvenating your own natural beauty. When your pot of moisturiser has this level of traceability you can see how your purchase offers not only skincare but support for local manufacturing and growing. As well as exceptional care for both mind, body and spirit. Made in the UK.

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Ingredient Spotlight: Hand Harvested Rose

Hand Harvested Rose

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