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Kaeā Skincare

Co-founded with nature, KAEĀ is restoring more than just your skin. 

Performance-led botanical skincare, featuring New Zealand active botanicals and KAEĀ's own UMFTM 15+ Mānuka Honey, with an enduring commitment to conservation and biodiversity protection.

KAEĀ was born by uniting plant science and a brand ethos that returns 100% of their profits to nature via their eco-lab, Tahi, a substantial area of land in New Zealand, that has been restored to wetlands and native ecosystems. 

The Range - Minimal and multi-functional The Kaeā range is a consciously multi-purpose collection made up of just four highly concentrated products that can be adapted to create a personalised skincare ritual.

The Logo - the native bird and its wing are Kaeā's homage to the role birds play as living indicators of and contributors to biodiverse ecosystems. The Tūi is one of the birds species that returned to Tahi following their conservation work. 

Giving Back - 100% of KAEĀ's profits from every purchase directly contribute to the culture, conservation and community projects at the heart of their ecosystem restoration.

Biodiversity Positive -  Their roots lie in conservation and the regeneration of the natural world. By owning the land that they re-wild they can ensure strategic biodiversity ecosystem restoration is practiced.

430,000 native trees have been planted since 2004. 141 plant & tree species recorded - 93 native species planted (of which 19 are reintroductions).

13,164 tonnes of CO2 have been sequestered or stored in trees and soil at Tahi since 2004. 9,157m of streams are under protection management. 5 hectares of lakes have been reintroduced. 4.5 hectares of significant coastal sand dunes are protected. 71 bird species are now present on the land, including 22 endangered / protected species. 16% of Tahi has been restored with native shrubs - an area equivalent to 1934 tennis courts. 

Carbon Negative - As a regenerative business, KAEĀ give back to the planet more than they take. By creating purpose-driven products, they drive circularity and enable reinvestment into the land and people.

AwardsWinning the Most Sustainable Business in New Zealand Award 2020 and the Restoring Nature Award 2020 and 2021.