The Nature of Beauty by Imelda Burke


  • The Nature of Beauty by Imelda Burke Beauty Book

  • The definitive guide to a new generation of natural beauty, skincare and makeup. The perfect Christmas gift for all beauty lovers.

    Choosing natural beauty doesn’t mean ditching hi-tech products in favour of homemade potions. It means being conscious about what you’re buying: what are you putting on your skin, what does it do and where does it come from?

    This honest, expert book will teach you how to recognise what your skin needs and how to shop the best products for you. It offers both time-honoured and modern techniques, tips and guidance for all ages, and showcases the powerful ingredients and brands that you need to know about.

    Imelda Burke is a leading expert in modern natural beauty. She was also one of its earliest champions – her London-based shop, Content Beauty & Wellbeing was the first to sell some of, what are now the biggest natural beauty brands from around the world.


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  • This book was written from all the tips, knowledge and insight shared with me via the 1000's of conversations with my team, brand owners, Content customers, industry experts and beauty bloggers over the past 9 years.

    It's the book I wish was around when I first wanted to make the switch to natural and organic beauty 17 years ago and is an introduction to both natural products and taking care of your skin.

    For those who have already made the switch it's a record of the exciting world of modern natural beauty that has evolved since 2008 and features industry expert tips and brands. I hope you love it! x Imelda

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  • The Image

    Thanks to the incredible Judith McMillian for letting her beautiful photography grace the cover of this book.

    'What is predictable, common and familiar is transformed into a world of newly discovered pleasures.' Judith McMillian (1945 - )

    Judith K. McMillan takes the examination of plants into a new realm. Using an X-ray machine as her camera, McMillan photographs the internal structures of plants, revealing the beauty of natural forms invisible to the human eye.

    The resulting images are ephemeral, eerie, and beautiful. The plants that become the focus of her work take on a strangely translucent life, opening our minds to an alternate view of reality. In a wonderful marriage of science, art and nature we can understand the complexity of botanical forms.

  • The Colour

    In colour psychology Magenta is the colour that helps to create harmony and balance in every aspect of life; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

    It is spiritual yet practical, encouraging common sense and a balanced outlook on life.

    Magenta is the colour of the non-conformist, the free spirit. It pushes you to take responsibility for creating your own path in life and making your own choices. It is an instrument of change and transformation.

    It promotes compassion, kindness and co-operation and encourages a sense of self respect and contentment.