CONTENT - in a state of peaceful happiness.

CONTENT - the things that are held or included in something.

Founded in 2008 as one of the first organic and natural specialist beauty boutiques in the world, CONTENT has been long regarded as the pioneering retailer at the forefront of the new wave of natural and organic beauty brands.

Having lead the launch into Europe of what are now considered to be cult 'clean beauty' brands, CONTENT continues to seek out founders & brands who are driven by a respect for both people and planet making it the destination not just for green beauty fans, but also those seeking to shop their values.

The Beginning

Our Stores

From our original store opened in Marylebone on 2008, we moved to a larger multi-level store in 2018. This new store incorporated a naturopathic clinic, beauty treatments, event space and a multi-category shopping experience featuring beauty, sustainable fashion and lifestyle products.

During the pandemic in 2020 we moved to being primarily a digital store with the addition of in-person consultations in our London studio. This ensures you still have access to our team's expertise and can try products such as cosmetics, perfumes and a selection of skincare.

This service includes video consultations if you aren't based in London.

The Edit

Our Products

CONTENT is a destination for the curious, those who like to ask questions, support makers and vote for a better world with their choices.

In the rapidly evolving natural, organic beauty & wellbeing sectors, CONTENT provides a carefully curated selection of some of the most highly regarded 'green' brands from around the world.

Brand selection involves meeting our ingredients and packaging criteria, while also focusing on beautiful products that look great in your bathroom or bag - going natural no longer requires a compromise on results or design.

Shop By Ethos

Our Badges

Since 2008 we have been making it easier for you to identify what's important to you and in many instances also better for the planet.

Each brand has been chosen for their ethos - whether it be choosing the best plant ingredients, editing out ingredients or steps towards sustainability. Over 85% or the brands have women founders and the majority of them are, like us, independently owned.

Whether you like to shop vegan, want to support local brands or like to know that the brand you purchase is 3rd party certified organic - just look for our badges.

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Actions & Initiatives

CONTENT likes to do things differently - it's how we started back in 2008!

Bye, Bye PerfectRemoved the word perfect from all product descriptions on our website. Why? We think you are good enough the way you are.

VAT-Free Sanitary Products: From March 2017 - December 31st 2020 we paid the VAT for our customers on all period items. In January 2021 the UK government finally removed VAT from these products.

Feminists Don’t Wear Pink: After the book launch pop-up installation was removed from Topshop by it's owner in 2018, CONTENT donated the window of our Marylebone store to the book publishers so they could continue to celebrate this inspirational book.

How to Shop With Us

We understand that switching to natural for the first time or trying a new brand might mean that you have a few questions - we can help!


Book a Studio Session in London to try make-up and get advice in person. Bring along your make-up bag and we'll help you find product swaps. Also available via video or phone.


Just drop us a line via email on help(at)beingcontent.com and we'll get back to you! Ideal if you need some recommendations or need to check a product or ingredient.