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Flora & Curl offers natural haircare solutions for textured, curly hair. With a mission to help you experience what all-natural should feel like, Rose, Flora & Curl’s founder, began experimenting with botanical ingredients in her kitchen after launching a successful textured hair themed blog. From this she discovered that recurring dry and brittle hair was the most common issue facing textured hair. To solve this she created the Flora & Curl range with the focus on moisturising all curl types. Using botanical extracts and plant butters each Flora & Curl product is designed to restore the hair and scalp's natural balance. 

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Flora & Curl’s silicone-free haircare range is inspired by the power of nature’s restorative and active ingredients. Herbs, flowers, clays and fruit extracts work to restore balance to the scalp surface. All Flora & Curl ingredients meet the criteria set out in the European Union Directive for Cosmetic Safety and provide a non-toxic curl care alternative mainstream brands. Each product is scented with natural essential oils to provide an aromatherapy element to the experiences of using this natural haircare range. The range  is not tested on animals and is made in the UK. 

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