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Guy Morgan Apothecary specialises in organic natural skincare. Specifically products designed to look after your skin, hair and body, using sustainably sourced natural organic ingredients. All products are handmade in Clapton, London, by Guy Morgan, meaning meticulous care is put into every batch. The Apothecary was created by Guy as a personal mission years ago to find a natural alternative for great skin, having tried numerous synthetic solutions available off the shelf.

Content Approved

Every ingredient used in the products has been thoroughly researched and selected for their amazing skin properties, quality, and efficacy. Sensitive and acne prone skin is always taken into account with every product. All ingredients are listed as being safe to use by the Environmental Working Group Skin Deep database. Likewise no testing on animals is done on any of the Guy Morgan Apothecary ingredients or products. This is small batch skincare at its finest. Made in the UK.

Meet the Maker: Guy Morgan

Meet the Maker: Guy Morgan

Product Spotlight: Midnight Mask

Spotlight: Midnight Mask

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