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Following 30 years of work in the fashion industry and exposure to the impact that fast fashion has on the environment and workers, Bert van Son was inspired to launch Mud sustainable jeans in a bid to do things a new way. Mud take back old jeans and either upcycle them to sell as vintage, or recycle them to make into new jeans by removing the metal, shredding the jeans into small pieces, and blending these with organic cotton to create new pairs. Mud imagines a world without waste and believes in the principles of a circular economy. Mud recycled jeans allow conscious consumers to look good while also doing good for the environment.

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Sustainable fashion brand, Mud, work according to a circular design, where products are created to be reused easily. They use Ecocert organic cotton and recycled cotton from old denim to make their jeans, and printed labels instead of leather labels. Mud jeans are made in a factory in Tunisia that the brand visits frequently, and is working towards a system where it can guarantee above average wages. Mud don’t wash their jeans in the traditional way, instead using innovative ozone and laser processes, which reduce the amount of water used by up to 75%, as well as reducing the chemical pollution of water. READ MORE 

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